A Stumble of Horrors

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A Stumble of Horrors is a diverse collection of more than fifty macabre poems. The reader will encounter witches, mysterious objects, hidden fears, broken souls, blood lusts, the long dead, things unseen, and creatures that rip and tear.

The collection is divided infor five thematic sections and written in haunting language that is both prosaic and lyrical.

Whatever your taste in horror, these poems will engage your senses and chill your spine.

Sunrise for the Blind

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Sunrise for the Blind is a collection of more than eighty free verse and metered rhyming poems by a crippled-up lesbian with six cats and a book fetish.


Each poem is a moment, a memory, or a quirky contemplation of a variety of topics; from toxic people, sagging body parts, and cats frying laptops, to coping with disability, intimacy, the fragility of life, and out of body experiences.


Often tongue-in-cheek and unafraid of judgement, Sunrise for the Blind, is bound to spark something in everyone.

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