A Stumble of Horrors

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An extensive collection of mostly free verse darkness covering:

  • Poems with a tale to tell
  • Grotesque poems of the moment
  • Horrific nature
  • Psychological and Paranormal terror
  • Vampires, the dead and other fiendish creatures.

Sunrise for the Blind



A collection of free verse poetry on life covering:

  • Cats
  • Nature
  • Love and sensuality
  • Pain and frustration
  • Death, age and the fragility of life
  • Obnoxious people and toxicity.

Fun Fact:

I have central heterochromia - the inside of my iris is a different colour to the outside. In my case, yellow/amber inside and blue outside.


When I was a kid, I used to get called a witch because of my eye colour. Consequently, I was comfortable with the odd and slightly dark from a very young age. Also perhaps one of the reasons why I have a thing for witches!


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