I started writing poetry back in 1991 when I was sixteen and my mother died. I needed a way to express the anger and grief I was feeling at the time, and my English teacher suggested I should start writing. Poetry seemed the perfect medium. I filled exercise book after exercise book with words. They currently reside in a box in my father's garage about 10,500 miles away from where I am geographically and emotionally.


However, the themes I developed as a teenager stuck with me, and unless I purposefully set out to write a 'happy' poem, my material is always dark and often leaves the reader with a 'what if?'


I've made a selection of my most recent poetry available for free - check it out via the menu on the left. I've included a brief commentary after each poem to give insight into my writing process and inspiration. These poems, plus a much larger selection will make up a new publication of dark and horror poetry I am developing in 2020. 


If you'd like to offer feedback, you can email me at kat@katiamdavis.com, or visit my Instagram account (@katiamdavis) where I also publish a selection of poetry along with some book photography.


Fun Fact:

I have central heterochromia,

meaning the inside of my iris is a different colour to the outside. In my case, yellow/amber inside and blue outside.


When I was a kid, I used to get called a witch because of my eye colour. Consequently, I was comfortable with the odd and slightly dark from a very young age. Also perhaps one of the reasons why I have a thing for witches!



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