What do I write?

I am generally a happy and positve person, but my writing comes from  dark place. I write mostly short stories and poems with horror themes that are psychologically twisty and make you think. I do write poetry about the everyday too, but I don't pull any punches when it comes to inspiration.


I've recently teamed up with an old friend from university, Michele Ziolkowski, an archaeologist and children's author. We're co-authoring a Teen YA series of archaeological action/adventure novels with time-slip and a paranormal twist based on the archaeology of the United Arab Emirates.

What do I read?

Most writers are avid readers. I love to settle into my recliner with a cup of something hot, a cat on my lap (sometimes more than one), and a great read. 


My favourite fiction genres are:

  • horror - the more twisty the better
  • paranormal
  • dark fantasy
  • some sci-fi - the dark, scary kind
  • lesbian fiction

My favourite non-fiction topics are:

  • WWI and WWII - particularly the role of women in warfare
  • Vampires, witches, ghosts
  • Accident investigation and disasters
  • LGBT history
  • Forensics and death investigation - both ancient and modern

A bit of history

I was born in Australia in the mid-1970s and grew up in both the city and the country, although I remain a country girl at heart. I did an honors degree in archaeology at university and then moved to England in my mid-20s.


I was  diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis around this time and my world changed - a lot. Getting a crippling disease was not part of my life plan, but I'd probably not be doing what I'm doing today wthout it. Another one of those silver linings.


I currently live in South Yorkshire, opposite a cemetery - just in case - and spend my time working at a family business, reading, writing, and looking after a clowder of rescue cats. 

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