What do I write?

I generally write in the following genres:


  • Psychological horror
  • Paranormal
  • Speculative fiction
  • Action/Adventure
  • Lesfic


I am a short story writer, but my ideas can stretch to novelette or novella length. I enjoy the challenge of the craft.


Image credit: Michele Ziolkowski

What do I read?

I like to read both fiction and non-fiction.


My favourite fiction genres are the same as my writing genres, but I also enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy.


My favourite non-fiction topics are:


  • Women in warfare
  • Vampires, witches, ghosts
  • WWI and WWII
  • Natural and man-made disasters.
  • Accident investigation
  • LGBT history
  • Forensics and death investigation - both ancient and modern

Image credit: Michele Ziolkowski

When did I begin writing?

I began writing when I was 16, soon after my mother died. Writing helped me cope with grief and allowed me to express my feelings.


I mostly wrote poetry that I showed to my English teacher. She encouraged me, and I filled notebook after notebook. I even wrote a play at one point and started a fantasy novel called The Singing Sword. I named the main character Aytak Arden...a very thinly disguised reference to my first name.


There was also a collaborative effort between myself and three friends...something about an ostracised dragon called Kajalira and a princess who befriended him. 

What about my early life?

I was born in Australia in 1975 and spent my first 5 years on a 1000 acre farm with cattle, sunflowers and a few sheep.


I was living in Sydney for my primary school years, where my mother sung for the Australian Opera in the chorus. I have great memories of hanging out in the Green Room with costumed performers wandering around. I even met Dame Joan Sutherland.


By highschool, my family moved over the Blue Mountains to Bathurst. We lived on a small forty acre property outside of town and I remember stalking the paddocks looking for dead things so I could examine the bones. I was either going to be an archaeologist or a serial killer. Thankfully, I became the former, graduating university in 1997 with an honours degree in archaeology.

Do I have any pets?

Yes! I am a certified Crazy Cat Lady. I always had animals growing up and I apparently have an affinity with cats. To put it more simply, stray cats follow me home, walk into my house, and refuse to leave. However, I've reached my limit with seven (yes, you read that right).


My critters sometimes revolt and prevent me from writing, as is evidenced by the above photo where Lucy (aka Lucy-fur) has blocked access to my keyboard. If she's not flat out, she's knocking books off the bookshelf, pushing my pen holder off the desk, or trying to flick the magnets off my dry marker board.

What about now?

I currently live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. I do have a day job helping to run a family owned home care company looking after the elderly and disabled. I manage the admin side and mantain the company website, social media, and write business copy. 


In my spare time, I write, study short story craft, and create artwork based on my story ideas. The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories is my first foray into self-publishing. I've created a sole trader publishing copmpany called Drop Hammer Publishing. I hope to make it into a productive  business that will not only satisfy my creativity, but entertain readers and help new writers.


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