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Debut Horror and Paranormal Short Story Collection

The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories, is a journey into the realms of the unknown. A definitive gathering of horror and paranormal, with a touch of psychological thriller. Inspired by a dark muse, it pulls the reader in and does not let them go.


In the title story, we travel to the 1890s and run with Lorn and Lottie through the dim, dark passageways beneath Melton Hall as they attempt to disguise a murder, but instead discover a terrifying secret.


"I couldn't have looked away if I wanted to. I had to keep reading, transfixed by the suspense and horror and even having gagged once, I still kept reading."

C.McB - Ontario, CA.


Story lengths range from a quick fifteen hundred words to near novelette length for a slightly longer read.


Explore some of the story outlines below and read FREE samples.


One thing is for certain, you will want to read all of this collection.


The Girl in Broomstick Wood

Beckett Manning was a murderer, mutilator, and molester of young women, but one young woman changes Manning's life forever. Some things were never meant to die.

The Trunk

Sarah disposes of the old travel trunk in a lake in the Australian Outback, never expecting to see it again. A drought forces her to deal with past actions, with horrifying consequences.

Old Mr. Corrigan

Why does the gnarled cottonwood tree in a small Midwestern town hold such fascination for the town's wayward youth? The Lightfoot Boys get more than they bargained for when they recite a local children's rhyme and learn the truth about Old Mr. Corrigan.

Orcus - A Right to Die

What if you chose to die? What if you chose to die, but were simply removed from perceived existance by the company you trusted with your death? Discover what truly occurs after death, when Harold Reams employs the services of ORCUS, the Right to Die company.

The Night Voice

Have you ever heard a voice as you fall asleep? Perhaps the odd word, or a phrase that resonates bright and clear? What if it wasn't your mind on the way to dreams? What if the voice was real, and the owner had loved you for lifetimes?

Tea for One

A woman visciously attacked in her home fights back with help from the unexpected.

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