Books update

22.05.19 - I have updated the Books page to include information on Volume Two of my short horror collection. 



Main Page update

12.05.19 - I have updated the Main Page with a universal link to purchase The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories from either the Amazon or Kobo bookstores. Visit the Main Page or click the button below to view.



Blog update

12.05.19 - I have updated the Blog page with seven recent posts on WordPress. Click the button below to have a browse.



Exclusive Content Update

25.04.19 - I have written three interview transcripts between myself and characters from The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories for the Exclusive Content page. Keep in mind Passages is horror, and the theme is death in its many forms. Some readers may find some of the content disturbing. 



Site Update

21.04.19 - A busy day today! Last night I made a list...

  • I've simplified the About page because it was far too much to read easily. There is still quite a bit of information about me but the layout is less complex and it is more succinct.
  • I've added information about Daughter of Fire to the Books page and listed it as under development.
  • I've completely revamped the Bonus Material page and retitles it EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, creating a new graphic and splitting it into three parts with a side panel. These are: Downloads, Artwork and Character Profiles. I'll be sharing material only available through the website or without further purchase here.
  • I've updated the email list version of The Trunk to the publication ready copy.
  • I've updated the Exclusive Content giveaway copy of Orcus - A Right to Die to the publication ready copy.
  • I've updated the teasers for the serveral short stories available on the site with the final publication versions.

Image © Katia M. Davis 2018 - Depiction of a mythological symbol from Daughter of Fire.

Site Update

20.04.19 - I've updated quite a bit on the site today in preparation for the upcoming release of my short story collection - finally!

  • updated covers to reflect design changes
  • updated graphic and link to email list membership to make it more eye catching and genre specific.
  • added a page describing the origins and focus of Drop Hammer Publishing (DHP).
  • updated DHP logo to reflect design change.
  • I've simplified the site header.
  • I've added a graphic for Passages to the main page so it is front and centre when looking at the page.
  • I've removed the left column from the website. It didn't really say a lot and it was makinging the main section of the pages smaller. 
  • removed animated gif for The Trunk...it was old and outdated.

Header Update

04.12.18 - I've updated my header. The old one was a little too old fashioned and not suited to my style of writing. I've given this one a little more of my dark character.

Bonus Material Update

27.09.18 - I've updated the BONUS MATERIAL page with the final version of Orcus: A Right to Die. It's free and has been fully edited and is no longer a draft. Go get it!


Site Update

23.09.18 - I've been working on upgrading the graphics on the page today. I've:

  • created a crisper looking banner.
  • started moving new graphics for my stories onto the sample pages.
  • upgraded the animated gif on my main page so the font matches the rest of the site.
  • rewritten my intro blurb so it is far less wordy.
  • changed the graphic to join my email list so it is a better call to action. 
  • Rearranged the graphics on my home page so more things appear above the fold.


Blog Update

20.09.18 - I've updated the Blog Page with a post about the cover design of Passages. It reveals the feedback I received for my inital designs and images of failed attempts. If you are a writer and are thinking of making your own cover, go have a read, so you don't make the same mistakes I did!


Page Update

17.09.18 - I've updated my About page to make it a little more reader friendly and better organised. Click on the button below to check it out.


Site Update

10.09.18 - I've made a few changes to the web site.


  • I've finalised the cover for Passages. I've therefore updated all images on the site where the image was located.
  • I've also rearrnaged the Drop Hammer logo on the main page and added a bit of info about it. 
  • The final editing process is underway for Passages. I've completed a full line edit and am currently updating the text file with the changes. 
  • I've also completed the  back and spine fpr Passages. If you want a sneak peek, you can check it out by clicking on the image to the right.



26.02.18 - I've created some section breaks or flourishes that can be used for ebook template design. I was testing a graphics tablet and they just sort of sprang onto the page. I'm giving them away to free to anyone who wants them. The SVG and EPS versions should be editable if you wanted to change them at all. Click the button below to go to the Bonus Material section to download.


Blog posts archive and Shop Updates

24.02.18 - I've been busy again. I've uploaded links to 4 new blog posts. These are:

  • My Fight with a Favicon
  • Do Indie Authors and Merchandising Mix?
  • Do you Observe Like a Writer?
  • My Print Reading Revival

You can find them buy visiting the BLOG section of the site.


I have also added an archive section for older blogs as the page became full. It is navigable from the blog page if you want to look at older material.


I updated the landing page for the SHOP to give a little more information about when it should go live.


Favicon again

18.02.18 - How indecisive am I? I was not happy with my favicon...again. I think I may have cracked it this time though. Simplicity is best.


I have also changed my Touch icon to the same for tablets etc. We get a huge 180x180 pixels for that as opposed to 16x16 for the favicon.


CONTACT info updated

18.02.18 - I've now added a complete list of ways you can make contact with me online.


Apologies, I don't yet do YouTube...I'm working my way up to it!


Got my Wendigo T-shirt!

17.02.18 - Bwahahaha, got my Wendigo T-shirt today from Cayleigh Elise's Teespring shop. She runs a YouTube channel dealing with fictional horror things, paranormal, folklore etc., as well as producing well researched short documentaries on missing persons and unsolved cases.

Click on the button to visit Cayleigh's YouTube channel if you are interested.


FREE Bonus Material Added

17.02.18 - I've dded a draft copy of Orcus - A Right to Die to the Bonus Material Section as a free download. Click on the button below to grab your copy.

New BLOG Posts

17.02.18 - I've uploaded three new Blog Posts. These are:

  • One Easy Way to Make Your Author Website More  Accessible.

  • Why I Write Horror.

  • Book Review - Darkling, K. M. Rice.

Click on the button below to find out more.

New favicon

09.02.18 - That little thing on your internet browser tab at the top of the screen? Yeah, I've got a new one of them. Apologies to Internet Explorer users, you probably won't see it because IE cannot display .png files on tabs...stupid Microsoft, so here is a larger image of what it is supposed to look like.

New BLOG Post

04.02.18 - The Perils of Dictation


This is not what I expected…

There are many Indie authors who advocate for the powers of dictation. It markedly increases daily word count and carrying a small dictaphone about with you means you can record thoughts, ideas and pieces of your first draft at any time with the press of a button. I thought I would give it a go, and if I liked it, perhaps invest in Dragon software. I bought a cheap 8gb thing at the basic end of the spectrum, not wanting to spend hundreds when tens would do for a test.

Old Updates Archived



Apparently I can only fit a finite number of elements onto each of my pages with 1&1. I've therefore had to archive previous updates. You can find them by clicking on the archive link in the menu on the left or by clicking the button below.

New Blog Post

03.02.18 - Another Look at Canva


Yes, I have been known to change my mind, on occasion…

I’ve been thinking recently about advertising since I am getting ready to publish my short horror collection. I’ve been reviewing ways and means, and despite what some people say I’ve decided to get some adverts ready for Facebook for the release in March.

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