BOOK PHOTOGRAPHY pages added and BLOG update

26.8.19 -  I've added a new section to the website to detail one of my hobbies - book photography. I first got interested in it a couple of months ago when I saw some on Instagram. I have an extensive non-fiction and small printed fiction collection, so I thought it would be fun to give it a go. I love it. It's another way for me to use my imagination and creativity.


If you'd like to check out some of my photos, click the button below.


I've also added the last few weeks of blog posts to the web site. If you'd like to have a browse, click HERE.



20.7.19 - I've added a new section to the FOR WRITERS page. It's a list of the writing craft books I have in my library collection. I wanted to share with you the books that have helped me improve my writing over the years. They are listed alphabetically by title and include a summary.


I've also updated the last two weeks of prompts for the writing prompt pages

New Page Added

6.7.19 - Created the For Writers section of the website and populated it with available writing prompts to date. These include story starters of less than twent words, who, what, when, where, why setting prompts, and a final line prompt.

katiamdavis Blog Updates

6.7.19 - I've updated the BLOG with all new posts from May through to the current date. I've also archived ald material and placed it in an archive folder available in either the side or dropdown menu.

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