Love Turned

'Thank you,' she said

And bared her throat to me,

As if my taste of her

Was a welcome gift.

'There is no return,' I said,

And still she held

Her head to the side,

The bruise of her pulse,


Beneath her skin.

'I go only forward,' she said,

And pulled me to her warmth.

She was savoury,

A little tart,

Like sugar in chardonnay.

I relished her willingness,

And she took my hunger

Even as I drew more than my fill.

On the empty edge,

Her lip hinted at a smile,

And I knew we had centuries to come.


February 2020



With this poem, I wondered what it would be like to be a vampire and turn someone, but not because I had to in order to survive, but because the person wanted me to turn them.What would it feel like?How would it taste? What would be the outcome?



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