She recognised the gravelly scritching,

Like sandpaper over rust,

During her afternoon nap.

It came from the kitchen -

Beside the gas rings

Where she kept her knife block.


The block had an inbuilt sharpener.

She preferred a trusty steel,

But the salesperson convinced her

With the flirtatious buy line:

Keep your chopper sharp

and ready for action -

Although not at 4pm

While napping,

And all



February 2020



My cousin owns a large meat cleaver. He uses it to cut the homemade pizzas his wife makes. He calls it his 'chopper' and there is always a bit of innuendo floating about when he uses it. I also have a knife block in my kitchen beside the gas hob. I was sitting up late one night with my poetry notebook, and wondered what I would do if I heard a knife being pulled out of the knife block. The two ideas sort of melded together.



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