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The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories is a collection of eleven psychological horror stories with a touch of the weird and paranormal. Inspired by a dark muse, it pulls the reader in and does not let them go.


In the title story, two Victorian women attempt to dispose of a body only to discover a terrifying family secret hidden for over twenty years.


Story lengths range from a quick fifteen hundred words to near novelette length for a slightly longer read.


Explore some of the story outlines below and read FREE samples.


One thing is certain, you will want to read all of this collection.


I couldn't have looked away if I wanted to. I had to keep reading, transfixed by the suspense and horror and even having gagged once, I still kept reading.

C. McB. - Ontario, CA.


Broomstick Wood

Beckett Manning is a murderer, mutilator, and molester of young women, but his latest victim has more pressing concerns.


The Trunk

The trunk was gone, drowned in the lake forever. Now a drought has created the perfect opportunity for darkness to re-emerge.


Old Mr Corrigan

A group of wayward boys get more than they bargained for when they recite a children's rhyme beneath the old hanging tree.




Orcus: A Right to Die

Harold Reams wants to die, so he employes the friendly services of the Orcus Right to Die Company.



The Night Voice

Have you ever heard a voice as you fall asleep, perhaps the odd word, or a phrase that resonates? What if it wasn't just your mind playing tricks? What if the voice was real, and the owner manifest?


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