• I established Drop Hammer Publishing (DHP) as a sole trader publishing company in 2019 but have been developing the idea since 2017.
  • When I first decided to self-publish my short stories, I soon realised that regardless of the platform I used, I would not be listed as the publisher if I did not own the ISBNs.
  • I initially thought of simply purchasing ISBNs under my own name.
  • I was thinking too small.
  • If I was going to make a business out of my writing, I should look at it as an actual business. 
  • Thankfully, I have a qualification in Business Administration.
  • I live in a city renowned for its manufacture of metal items over the last 700 years. Not too far from my house is a giant drop hammer, used for forging blocks of glowing steel into objects. It's the height of several people.
  • That got me thinking about what a writer does: we take words and forge them into meaningful stories. 
  • A drop hammer is the perfect symbol for a writer, at least for this writer. 
  • At the moment, DHP will publish the following types of fiction: horror, dark fiction, speculative fiction, sci-fi, psychological thriller, action/adventure, lesfic with the inclusion of one or more of the above elements.
  • DHP will concentrate primarily on the publication of short story collections, novelettes, and novellas. 
  • In time, I would like to help other writers in minority groups such as my own (LGBT and disability), to have more of a voice. There are hundreds of people out their with wonderful stories to tell, but who may not be able to express themselves, or do not know how to go about getting their writing out into the world. I would be very proud if DHP could help with that one day. 
  • In the future, I would like to establish a speculative fiction magazine for new writers.
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