Prepare to lose yourself in psychological horror.


Fancy something dark and twisted that doesn't take too long to read?


Are you sucked in by murders, foul family secrets, bizarre encounters, and depraved fetishes?


If you are, or think you might be, click the button below to try out the teasers from some of the short stories in my debut collection:  The Passages of Melton Hall and other stories.



Under Development

Title: The Head from Antiqam and other stories


Volume Two in the horror shorts collection is less psychological and more action based. The title story is focuses on a mummified head seeking revenge.


The collection will gather together eleven of Katia's latest stories.

Under Development

Working title: Daughter of Fire


A fantasy/adventure with lesfic elements.


Set several thousand years in the past, Daughter of Fire immerses us in a society and culture that has been completely lost to history due to a catastrophic volcanic eruption. 


After an introductory novelette, the characters and culture will play a role in the Coleridge / de la Vega Adventures.


For a sneak peek, you can view some concept artwork by clicking the button below.


Image © Katia M. Davis 2017

Under Development

Working title: The Coleridge / de la Vega Adventures


An archaeological action/adventure novella series with a paranormal twist.


 Protagonist, Dr Alexandra Coleridge teams up with the mysterious historian Kamryn de la Vega to confront forgotten horrors hidden by time.


I've created a preliminary outline for the first two novellas in the series with a plan for many more.


For a sneak peek, you can view some concept artwork from the planned series  by clicking the button below.

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