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I don't have anywhere near the same amount of printed fiction as I do non-fiction because of my rule of trying to save space by keeping my fiction books as ebooks. I break this rule frequently because taking a picture of an ereader is not the same. I am sure I will regrow my collection in time.

A Bit of Fantasy

The Swords of Night and Day - David Gemmell

The Drenai Saga #11



A Triad of Scary Stories

Old School Adventure

Out of Time's Abyss - Edgar Rice Burroughs

Caspak #3

Ace Books



The first two books of this series are:


#1 The Land That Time Forgot


#2 The People That Time Forgot

Classic Clarke

Earthlight - Arthur C. Clarke

Pan Books



1980s Horror

Comes The Blind Fury - John Saul

Coronet Books 


More Saul Horror

Nightshade - John Saul

Ballantine Books



The Right Hand of Evil - John Saul

Ballantine Books


Still More Saul Horror

Midnight Voices - John Saul

Ballantine Books


Saul Stack

Additional books in this stack are:


Punish The Sinners - John Saul




Suffer The Children - John Saul



Masterly Masterton

Revenge of the Manitou - Graham Masterton




This is Book 2 in the 6 Book Manitou Series. The other titles are:


#1 The Manitou


#3 Burial


#4 Manitou Blood


#5 Blind Panic


#6 Plague of the Manitou


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