My Print Reading Revival

24.02.18 - For the majority of my nearly forty-three years, I have seen books as fragments of time. They would remind me of a place or a person, of an era of my life long gone. I also enjoyed displaying them in a look-how-much-I-read kind of way. Yes, I was that book snob and proud of it.


Do You Observe Like A Writer?

23.02.18 - If you are a writer, you are most likely a people watcher. You absorb everything going on around you whenever you interact with others. If you go out with friends or family they are constantly swatting you upside the head telling you to stop staring at the quarrelling couple two tables over. If you are by yourself, you don’t care who knows you are watching.


Do Indie Authors and Merch Mix?

19.02.18 - I’ve been thinking about this for months. YouTubers, gamers, mystics, fitness coaches, Indie filmmakers, and Indie bands, among others all have merchandise for sale on places like Teespring, Etsy, or Spreadshirt to name a few.


My Fight With A Favicon

18.02.18 - There’s not a lot you can do with 16×16 pixels. Yet we need those pixels to differentiate our web pages from other sites in lists and tabs in our web browser. I have been fighting feverishly with my favicon for over a year. Who’d have thought so much blood and sweat would go into such a small thing?

Please be aware, some areas of this site are UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

As a child, I was sent to my room to read. I soon learned this was hardly a punishment.  My muse is dark. I write mostly  in the horror, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, or action/adventure genres in a variety of lengths. Some of my writing contains lesbian themes. I hope to entertain you. To find out more, explore the WRITING tab at the top of the screen or visit my BLOG.


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